Seeking commisions

I am a full time professional gunsmith. I have been doing this for a living since 1972. My shop is located in an industrial park and it is fully insured and alarmed to a central station. Guns are stored in safes which are bolted to the floor. Your property is fully insured and protected while it is in my care. My business is client based and as such I am not open to the general shooting public nor do I accept walk-in repair work. I do no retail business, all work must be shipped in. Visitors to the shop are discouraged.



Complete one of a kind custom rifles:

I have the capacity to produce approximatly 10 complete one of a kind custom rifles a year. Currently delivery is running about 10 months from the time of confirmation/deposit. Common jobs in the shop will begin with a Mauser M-98 type action or a Winchester M-70. But I enjoy doing the occasional single shot rifle and these have been based on the Ruger #1, Hagn or a vintage British action. I welcome a change from the routine and have done a number of lever actions and even a few Blaser’s.




Custom made one of a kind stocks:

I also solicit custom stocking projects. These can be for almost any fine gun. I welcome bolt guns either modern or vintage; double rifles and shotguns, drillings and combination guns, lever guns and of course single shots.

Custom metalsmithing:

I am able to provide complete custom metalsmithing for my regular clients. This would be for complete jobs; starting with detailing the action, barreling, custom quarter rib and sights. I must limit this service to complete jobs only. I am not able to offer just – barreling, bolt handles and installing parts.

Fine gunsmithing for fine guns:

I am not in the general gunsmithing business. But I do offer fine gunsmithing work for fine guns. Putting double guns on face, rib laying and leaf spring making are common in my shop. Heel,toe and wrist wood repairs on vintage or collectable guns are solicited.


Restoration work:

I love restoration work and have been at it for decades. Any vintage or collectable gun could be a candidate for this. Whether it is a Winchester lever gun, a British best or a rare self loading pistol I enjoy this kind of work.


About business:

I use a progress billing system. Upon discussion and inspection of your work or project I will gladly give an accurate estimate of what the costs involved will be. A 1/3 deposit will be required before work begins. As the work progresses I will supply you with digital photos of the work in progress. Upon complition of the stages of the work I will bill you for the work completed to that point. This assures that I have a business cash flow and it also means you are not paying for work yet to be done. Of course another benefit is that your payments are spread out over some time and you are not saddled with a large invoice at the time of delivery.

Insured shipping costs are the actual fees and will be added to the final invoice.

I do no firearms retailing of any kind; nor do I facilitate transfers. Vintage Firearms of Lake Villa Illinois is the local dealer I recomend for Illinois clients.

On custom made rifles the client must supply the base action.