• Favorite Guns and Jobs of 2014

  • 5 January 2015 by 0 Comments

Well , Of course my favorite gun/job is the one I am currently working on; but as I reminisced a bit about business in 2014 I realized that some special guns did pass through the shop this year.


Perhaps among the rarest of guns this year was the Smith sporting carbine. You are likely aware that the Smith Carbine was a popular carbine used in the Civil War . the Military guns were in .50 caliber and used a rubber cartridge case to hold the powered and ball. But I had never heard of a Smith sporting carbine. Research did not offer any information. This one WAS NOT a converted military carbine!  The frame/receiver is unique and not similar to the military gun at all. The caliber was .44 and seems to use the same ‘rubber cartridge’ concept – but again the there no information available on any Smith cartridge other that the standard military .50 cal.  The wood was fancy American walnut and was very nicely checkered.

smith 1smith 2






I have always like Marlin rifles and 2014 was a good year for some nice Marlins in the shop. This one arrived as a Marlin short rifle, take-down, deluxe with a 22 inch .30-30 barrel assembly. You can notice that the ‘short’ designation includes a very short for-end and the fact that the barrel is octagonal to round adds to the rarity. The task for this one was to create an additional barrel assembly in .38-55 also with an octagonal to round 26 inch barrel, and again with the short for-end feature. Having 2 switch barrel assemblies in two different calibers and barrel lengths made this a job not to forget.

msr 1P1010012








Well, Being able to work with some of the greatest engravers out there today is a real treat and without a doubt one of the most memorable jobs through the shop this year was retro fitting a trapdoor butt-plate to a Griffin and Howe rifle and collaborating with Fred Bowen who did the spectacular engraving job. His engraving made my work look better!








2014 brought the return to the shop of the pair of Purdey game guns formerly owned by the actor Tom Selleck. The client uses these often and I have been doing annual cleanings and inspections on this magnificent pair for a decade now. These are like old friends who come for a yearly visit. I had previously converted the guns from right handed to left handed use  ala Cast and trigger curves.

p 1


Fine shotguns are a favorite with me anyhow, but this Joseph Lange 20 bore game gun was a genuine delight and I was privileged to have it in the shop. Some ejector timing and a small wood repair were all that was required, but it is so nice to be able to work on guns that were made by people would were actually proud of what they made.



I do quite a bit of work with older and classic guns like Marlins, Winchesters and Savage’s.  occasionally a really rare one will come through the shop. The gun at the top of the photo is a  Bullard  lever action and it is renown for its smooth action which is gear driven. I wish I had taken more photos of it – But I will always remember that smooth action.

DSCN0082 (2)


I love Colt Single Action Army’s and was blessed to have 8 come through the shop this year for restoration . This one a    4 3/4 ” .45 Colt was a favorite .  Although I’m not a big fan of nickel finish I have always loved the look of a Nickel SAA with the Nitre blued trim. I did add nickel plating to my metal finishing services last year and since this was the first nickel- Nitre blue SAA – I’ll remember it for a long time.nic - SAA


These are the guns and jobs I’ll remember best from 2014 . Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015 !