• Fine Gunsmithing for Fine Guns

    A part of my business is working on fine guns. I love vintage sporting firearms, both rifles and shotguns. Pulling and relaying ribs or putting guns on face is common double gun work in my shop.
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  • Metal Engraving

    People love engraving and I have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. Fred Bowen, Brian Hochstrat, Charles Lee, Ken Hurst, and Larry Peters are all engravers I have worked with and recomend them highly.
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  • Guns and other neat stuff for sale

    I do occasionally have some nice guns, actions, and other interesting stuff for sale. All firearms must be shipped to a dealer. I do not offer retail sales in Illinois; Vintage firearms of Lake Villa Illinois is a local good guy dealer who will assits with local firearms transfers, or you may use a dealer of your own choice.
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  • Bench Talk

    This will replace the previous client newsletters that I had sent out in the past on a quarterly basis. For the latest information, news, events and even a few interesting shop tips be sure to check it out on a regular basis.
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Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun

intro-image What a great line ! I have heard this comment attributed to the great stockmaker Maurice Ottmar from Coulee City Washington. I don't know if Morris was the first person to come up with it or not, but it is pretty commonly used today among those interested in custom built firearms. The point being that a custom gun is not just another piece of hunting equipment. It is a very personal item which has a legacy intertwined with your own.
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